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Most people turn to astrology with questions about love, marriage, career, health, and timing on things like weddings, promotions and parenthood. But rarely does one think to consult an astrologer when deciding what to cook for a Gemini who’s coming to dinner or for ideas on how to creatively spice up a new dietary regimen. It is a little known fact that the centuries-old interpretive science of astrology has long-standing and traditional ties with foods, vegetation and herbs. Learn more about each of the signs and their preferred tastes and styles when it comes to culinary classifications.

Astro-Foodology Recipe Chart

Choose from pupus (small appetizers), salads, entrees (fish, poultry, meat and vegetarian) and desserts for EACH of the 12 signs of the zodiac!

Astro-Foodology 101

Read about which sign’s motto is “the redder the better,” how to please the palate of a Scorpio or what not to serve a Virgo. This and many more astro-tips for the cook!

Astro-Foodology Do’s and Don’ts

Learn about each sign’s culinary strengths and dietary weaknesses when it comes to eating, dining and enjoying the world of food and drink.

Celebrity Chef Astrology Quiz

Brash and bossy? Pure and pungent? Direct and dashing? Dreamy and dangerous? These are just few ways we can describe the personality of the dishes created by top chefs. Can you guess who’s who by astrological sun sign?